Giving this Christmas

Giving this Christmas

As the year comes to an end, consider the gift of giving this Christmas and make an impact and bless the community both locally and worldwide.

Here are some ways you can make a difference:

Reverse Advent Calendar

Looking for a meaningful way to mark advent this year? Consider the Reverse Advent calendar and participating as a way to give back to the community:

  1. Start with an empty box or basket. Beginning on December 1 until Christmas, place one or more food items or warm winter accessories into it every day.
  2. After Christmas day, bring your collected items to our Bridges food bank and clothing program or donate them to your local food bank directly.

Download a copy of the Reverse Advent calendar, which has suggestions of non-perishable contributions you could add to your basket each day, along with daily scripture verses and ways to pray for those who may be struggling to get through this Christmas season. Let the countdown to Christmas begin!

Refugee Aid for Ukraine 

Multiply Europe worker assisting with the daily tasks

As the Ukrainian refugee crisis escalates, Mennonite churches continue to provide aid to those affected. To encourage them in their efforts, Glencairn Church is partnering with Multiply to raise funds to assist Mennonite churches in surrounding countries housing Ukrainian refugees. Please help us raise $7500 this Christmas season for this important effort with your financial support. Learn more about how Multiply is providing relief and hope for Ukraine refugees.

Give Financially

As we invite others to join us in following Jesus, if you wish to support Glencairn Church directly, find out how at

Thank you for your spirit of giving this Christmas.

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