Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.

Matthew 6:21

About Donations

Your financial support makes the ministry of Glencairn Church possible. Your contributions support our Family Ministries such as Children and Youth Programs, Life Groups and Adult Ministries, our Church in Community such as Bridges, Local and Global Missions, Weekend Services, and Operations.

Three Ways to Give

1. Offering During Services

Using an Envelope – If you would like to receive a supply of numbered offering envelopes (which greatly assists in the counting and recording of the offerings each week), contact the the treasurer at

2. Pre-Authorized Withdrawal

If you are a regular donor, you can arrange to have your monthly donation automatically withdrawn from your bank account. You can download a form here: Pre-Authorized Payment Form. Drop your completed form off at the main office.

3. Online Donations

You can make an online donation with a credit card through our Church App. All transactions are secure and confidential. 

Note: SubSplash charges a 2.4% transaction fee when using their services – which is deducted from your donation before the funds are transferred to Glencairn Church.