Food Bank Program Update

Food Bank Program Update

Our Bridges Food Bank and Clothing program remains closed at this time. If you have an immediate food need, please read the statement below from The Food Bank of Waterloo Region for options and visit for a list of locations and addresses. The closest location to Glencairn Church is the Salvation Army Community & Family Services on Tillsley Drive.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Food Bank of Waterloo Region has adjusted their operations and activated the Community Food Assistance Network Pandemic Business Continuity Plan, ensuring essential services continue to be offered in our community.

A reduction in the number of food distribution locations is in effect, to minimize the health risks of staff, volunteers, and community members, while ensure vital service programs remain open.  A list of vital service programs is available, and updated daily, on The Food Bank’s website:

Individuals and families in our community with low incomes who are unable to access existing food programs may request the delivery of an emergency food hamper during COVID-19 health crisis.  

The Salvation Army Family Services will be coordinating the delivering of food hampers on behalf of the Community Food Assistance Network for individuals living in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge. For individuals living in the Townships, please contact a vital service program in your area at the above link.

Low income households who are unable to access existing food programs for the following reasons may be able to receive a delivered food hamper (within Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge):

  • Too ill to leave their residence
  • Self-Isolation or mandated quarantine with no alternative ways to access programs
  • Individuals who rely on a primary caregiver for food and the caregiver is no longer available 
  • Recent release from hospital and compromised immune systems
  • Mobility issues with underlying health conditions. It is essential that those who are in need of delivery meet the above criteria.

The Food Bank of Waterloo Region will help to facilitate the initial intake and assist with the assessment of individuals in need of a hamper delivery. All individuals requesting delivery are directed to call The Food Bank of Waterloo Region at 519-743-5576 ext. 340.

All individuals who meet the abovementioned delivery criteria will be provided with a reference number and will be provided contact information to the Salvation Army Family Services for service. 

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