Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth at Glencairn

The fact that the gospel has the power of God to salvation (Romans 1:16) is central to the Christian faith. This salvation is not only a means to eternal life, it is a means to wholeness and a purposeful, Spirit-conscious life in the here and now.

At Glencairn we take the call to grow in the full measure of Christ (Ephesians 4) seriously and invite all to take intentional steps to grow in Christ-likeness. Read below about some opportunities at our church. To get connected with Glencairn ministries that can help you grow in your faith, contact office@glencairn.ca.

Upcoming Classes and Studies

october, 2021

Bible Study

As the Bible is God’s word and instruction for our lives, studying the Bible is an important discipline and practice to learn and grow together. We meet throughout the year to study the Bible as a collective group.

Learn more about upcoming Bible Study sessions.

Baptism & Membership

Baptism is an important and profound step in our journey of faith with Jesus Christ, an ancient ritual that publicly proclaims both our allegiance to Jesus as our forgiver and the leader of our life and our commitment to his community of faith, the church.

Contact Pastor Richard to learn more about baptism and membership. He would be happy to answer any questions you may have and join you in this important decision.

New Believer Courses

This is a five-week program for new and growing Christians. It is an exploration of what the Bible says about having confidence that believing in Jesus is a solid decision.

These courses are available at all times and the study time is flexible to your needs. There is no cost to participate and you will receive a free Growing In Christ workbook. Some homework is required. Anyone who is exploring the Christian faith is welcome to join.


Prayer is the avenue for a most intimate communion with God.  It is the channel by which God’s power flows, revitalizes, and brings peace beyond understanding. We believe prayer is practiced by listening and talking to God and expecting Him to provide the answers and directions to life.

Life Journaling

The Glencairn Church family follows a 2-year Bible reading plan. In addition, we use the Life Journal practice to reflect and respond to God’s word and to grow in our ability to hear God. Use your journal of choice to document your journey. The reading plan is available on the church app.

SHAPE Course

You have God-given gifts that are meant to be a blessing to the Body of Christ. As Job 10:8 says, “You [God] formed me and shaped me.”  The Glencairn Discernment Team wants to help you understand your gifts and how God shaped you for fruitful and fulfilling ministry at church or in the community.

We can help you find a place to serve by first determining your SHAPE.  You will get to know your SHAPE by discovering and embracing the Spiritual gifts, Heart (passion), Abilities, Personality, and Experiences God has given you.

Once you realize your SHAPE to understand what God made you to be, we can you help you learn what God wants you to do in ministry.  The Discernment Team will be glad to help you discover your SHAPE or explore ministry opportunities.