Dangerous God

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  1. Randy

    The Jews believed that time could be divided into two ages. One, the present age. And two, the age to come … a golden age with peace, prosperity and righteousness for God’s chosen people. What separated the two is the Day of the Lord. A time of terror, destruction and judgement. The verses in 2 Peter 3 that talk about this have many verses in the old testament that corroborate. Isaiah 13:6 and 9 speak of the destruction of land and sinners. Joel 1:15 also speaks of the destruction to come and Joel 2:31 speaks of changes to the moon and sun. Obadiah 15 speaks of your deeds returning upon your own head (and that certainly ties in with Peter in verse 11 “what kind of people ought you to be” so that you can “look forward to the day of God”). And Ezekiel 30:3 speaks of a time of doom for the nations. These are but a few of the old testament verses that Peter would have been aware of when he wrote about the Day of the Lord.

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