Indoor & Outdoor Services

Indoor & Outdoor Services

As provincial restrictions begin to ease and the warmer weather has arrived, we are excited to host two worship services starting this Sunday:

  1. Indoors at 15% capacity and online beginning at 10:15am until about 11:05am, with a live sermon message and pre-recorded music.
  2. Outdoors beginning at 11:30am until noon, weather permitting. Capacity is limited to what the lawn can accommodate when household groups are at least 2m/6ft apart. As there will be live music, singing and responsive reading, we ask that those in attendance wear a face covering, such as a mask.  Each week, you can download the song lyrics and text from the church app. We invite children to participate in a separate children’s program, which will take place at the same time in a different area outside. Please bring your own lawn chairs or something comfortable to sit on.

Visit glencairn.ca/what-to-expect to learn more, or register in advance if you’re planning to attend.