Info & Feedback

Info & Feedback

Why the Switch?

We are excited to present this revised version of the Glencairn Church website. We hope you love this fresh layout and the new features available. Earlier this year we saw the need to switch to a more lightweight website platform. The needed update allowed us to rethink the layout of the website, improve existing pages, and integrate new features.

What’s New?

Simplified Navigation

To improve the browsing experience, we condensed the number of menu items and put frequently visited pages like sermons and events at the front and center. You may also notice less “insider” language in the menu items to help visitors find what they’re looking for.

Sermon Archiving

Sermon pages are usually the most frequently visited on church websites. According to our analytics, Glencairn is no exception! People like to check out our sermons before visiting the church. Moreover, some people are not able to attend church on Sunday and watch the sermons online. With our new sermon archiving system, you can easily access sermon notes, small group questions and videos for every sermon.

Events Calendar

Glencairn is a busy church with lots going on throughout the week. In response to a growing need, we opted for a more robust calendar system. Every event will display general information and any necessary links to registration. You can also search events happening within specific ministries.

Bookings & Rentals

Since the completion of the church’s construction project, more people are interested in using space in the building. To manage rental inquires and booking requests, we have new forms built into the website under Contact.

A Personal Touch

You won’t find a single “stock photo” on this site. All the photography is original and displays the richness of our church family.


This summer is a “trial period” for the new website. There are sure to be glitches to navigate, and more content to add. Your opinion matters! Please let us know how we can make the site even better.