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Current Sermon Series: Relating to God (starting June 25)

Past Sermon Series in 2017

The Gospel and My Body

June/11/2017: What it Really Takes to Change
June/4/2017: What God Says About My Body

Individual Message

May/28/2017: Overwhelmed by Doubt

The Case for Christ (based on Lee Strobel’s book of the same title)

May/21/2017: Explaining the Good News of Christ
May/14/2017: Embracing the Truth of Christ
May/7/2017: Exploring the Evidence for Christ
April 30/2017: Investigating the Case for Christ

Easter Weekend

April/16/2017: Finding Jesus in Love and Pain
April 23/2017: After the Resurrection

The Art of Neighbouring (based on Jay Pathak and Dave Runyon’s book of the same title)

April/10/2017: The Great Arrival
April/4/2017: Entering the Mess
Mar/26/2017: Overcoming Barriers to Neighbouring
Mar/19/2017: Taking the Great Commandment Literally

Big God in the Minor Prophets

Feb/5/2017: The God of Relentless Love- Hosea
Feb/12/2017: The God of Judgement- Joel
Feb/19/2017: The God of Compassion- Jonah
Feb/26/2017: The God of Holiness, The Farmer, and Redemption- Amos (Youth Pastor Jon Cleland)
Mar/5/2017: The God of Promise- Malachi

Essentials for New Life in the New Year

Jan/8/2017: Dealing with Temptation
Jan/15/2017: Asking for Wisdom
Jan/22/2017: Praying about Your Problems
Jan/29/2017: Facing the Future

Past Sermon Series in 2016

Songs of Christmas

Nov/27 /2016: Zechariah’s Song – The Benedictus
Dec/4/2016: Mary’s Song – The Magnificat
Dec/11/2016: The Angels’ Song – The Gloria
Dec/18/2016: Simeon’s Song – Nunc Dimittis
Dec/25/2016: God’s Crescendo

Following Jesus – A Study in James

Sep/18/2016: Following Jesus in His Word
Sep/25/2016: Following Jesus in Suffering
Oct/2/2016: Following Jesus with Real Faith
Oct/9/2016: Following Jesus in Our Words
Oct/16/2016: Following Jesus in Relating to Others
Oct/23/2016: Following Jesus in Your Desires
Oct/30/2016: Following Jesus but Not Playing God
Nov/6/2016: Following Jesus in Your Wealth
Nov/13/2016: Following Jesus in Patience

Upside Down Kingdom (based on Donald Kraybill’s book of same title)

Jun/5/2016: Down is Up
Jun/12/2016: The Temple Then & Now
Jun/19/2016: Low is High
Jul/3/2016: Wilderness Bread
Jul/17/2016: The Year of Jubilee
Jul/24/2016: Who Can Be Saved? (Youth Pastor Jon Cleland)
Aug/1/2016: The Danger of Wineskins
Aug/7/2016: The Foolishness of Love- Part 1
Aug/14/2016: The Foolishness of Love- Part 2
Aug/21/2016: Inside Outsiders
Aug/28/2016: Successful Failures

Reason for God (based on Tim Keller’s Book of same title)

Apr/10/2016: Christianity is Too Exclusive
Apr/17/2016: How Could a Good God Allow Suffering
Apr/24/2016: Christianity is a Straitjacket
May/1/2016: How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell?
May/8/2016: Science has Disproved Christianity
May/15/2016: Can the Bible be Taken Literally?

Easter Weekend

Mar/20/2016: Palm Sunday- Daniel’s 70 Weeks, Promise Fulfilled
Mar/25/2016: Good Friday- Perspectives on the Cross
Mar/27/2016: Easter Sunday- New Life in a New Reality

Growing to Serve – Giving Campaign

Jan/24/2016: How to Prepare for a Miracle
Jan/31/2016: Faith
Feb/7/2016: Purpose
Feb/14/2016: Commitment
Feb/21/2016: Service
Feb/28/2016: Sacrifice
Mar/6/2016: Thanksgiving
Mar/13/2016: What God Has Taught Us

Individual Messsages

Jan/3/2016: Shaped by the Word
Jan/10/2016: Shaped in Battle
Jan/17/2016: Why Youth Leave the Church (Youth Pastor Jon Cleland)

Past Sermon Series in 2015

Prepare Him Room – Christmas Series

Nov/29/2015: Will the Real King Please Stand Up?
Dec/6/2015: Sidelined Jesus
Dec/13/2015: Shepherds
Dec/20/2015: Search Carefully
Dec/24/2015: The Star that Followed Christ

Nov 2015 – Sermon Series – “Finding a Biblical View of Sex”

Nov/1/2015: God’s Design for Intimacy
Nov/8/2015: The Gift of Singleness
Nov/15/2015: Affair Proof your Marriage
Nov/22/2015: Response to Sexual Brokenness

Recommended resources for further reading:

1. Why do some Christians affirm gay marriages, and others do not? Tim Keller reviews two books from Christian authors that interpret the Bible through a more cultural lens, and therefore conclude that loving homosexual relationships are acceptable. Read this article to learn how to apply a more Christ-centred hermeneutic.

2. The Gospel and Sex.  In this 14 page article, Tim Keller addresses sex in the context of the gospel and Christian Community.  It provides a solid biblical basis for understanding God’s design for sex.

3.  Same-Sex Marriage: A “Third Way” Approach.  Bruxy Cavey, pastor of The Meeting House, writes how we can break free of the traditional conservative and liberal approach to same-sex marriage, and offer a “third way.”

4. Mennonite Brethren Study Guide for “God, Sex, & Church: A Theology of Healthy Sexuality”.   This national conference was held in Winnipeg Oct 21-23, 2015.  This booklet outlines the Biblical understanding of sex, and some helpful pastoral responses.