The Adventure of Prayer

Prayer is the avenue for a most intimate communion with God.  It is the channel by which God’s power flows, it revitalizes, and brings peace beyond understanding.
Glencairn Church is a place where prayer is practiced by listening and talking to God and expecting Him to provide the answers and directions to life.

Accessing Prayer at Glencairn

Prayer for Children and Youth

We take praying for our children, youth, and young adults seriously.

Contact: Lana Becker

Pray Today Partners 

You may send your prayer requests by email and it will be prayed for within 24 hrs and it is completely confidential.

Contact: Lana Becker

Glencairn Intercessors

You may have very personal and sensitive requests. There is a small number of intercessors who will pray for you very confidentially.

Contact: Doris Falkenburger

Congregational Prayer Meetings

We are a praying church and we invite all to come out and pray on the first Monday of every month.

Contact: Lana Becker

Circles of Influence

Contact: Sandra Reimer