The New Believers course is a five week program for new and growing Christians.  It is an exploration of what the Bible says about having confidence that believing in Jesus is a solid decision.  The course explains why you can pray with the assurance that your prayers are heard and answered.  How do we know that Christians are able to resist temptation?  We spend one session on the question, if and when Christians do wrong will they be forgiven.  In our final session we look at getting clarity in making life choices.

This course is lead by Dave and Maaike Anderson.  There is no cost to participate and you will receive a free Growing In Christ workbook. Some homework is required.  Anyone may join and for anyone who is exploring the Christian faith you will find a warm welcome.  We can accommodate 1 to 8 people and all are welcome. For those who have enjoyed this short concise program an additional eight week session is available as part of the same resource booklet. All sessions are based on Biblical references dealing with Christian Living.

The New Believer course at all times and the study time is flexible to your needs.  Options are open to daytime or evening participation and each session is usually 90 minutes.  Contact the church office at to get more information and to join in.